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2003-07-01 Twiztid "Speculationz" feat. E-40 [The Green Book]
Get out my Kool-Aid
2001-10-22 Twiztid "Drunken Ninja Master" [Cryptic Collection 2]
The lotus all up in this bitch, givin' free chin checks
2005-06-28 Twiztid "So High" feat. Lavel, Violent J [Man's Myth (Vol. 1)]
I only smoke bammer if it's carefully sifted
1997-11-25 Twiztid "Renditions of Reality" [Mostasteless]
Player-hatin is a art of a scandalous and shafty person
2000-10-31 Twiztid "Do You Really Know?" [Freek Show]
Shootin' venom, make you bug out
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2003-11-18 Esham "Look At Me" feat. Twiztid [Repentance]
Look at me, I'm from the 3-1-3
2012-05-15 Krizz Kaliko "Dixie Cup" feat. Big Scoob, Twiztid [Kickin' & Screamin]
Throw the deuces, it's time to ride
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origin: Detroit, Michigan, USA