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2005-10-26 Trina "Sum Mo" feat. Dre [Glamorest Life]
Doin a buck fifty, shift the gear back down
2000-03-21 Trina "I'll Always" [Da Baddest Bitch]
Thinkin' 'bout gets me all wet
2008-04-01 Trina "I Got A Problem" feat. Chris J., Plies [Still Da Baddest]
Soon as I feel that pussy get wet step on da gas
2000-03-21 Trina "Pull Over" [Da Baddest Bitch]
I'ma shake my money maker
2005-10-26 Trina "Sum Mo" feat. Dre [Glamorest Life]
Keep a rubber band full of hundreds
2000-03-21 Trina "69 Ways" feat. J-Shin [Da Baddest Bitch]
I guess you think you fuckin' with a hoochie, huh?
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2000-10-17 Ludacris "What's Your Fantasy (Remix)" feat. Foxy Brown, Shawna, Trina [Back For The First Time]
We can cut up in the grass
2006-06-06 DJ Khaled "Candy Paint" feat. Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Trina [Listennn... the Album]
Liftin' up the Lambo do's, go and give yo chick a hug
2004-11-16 Snoop Dogg "Step Yo Game Up" feat. Lil Jon, Trina [R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece]
Cuz I'm trying to find a bitch that's bootylicious
2003-10-21 Loon "Do What You Like" feat. P. Diddy, Trina [Loon]
Loon done caked up, you rollin with a star
2009-04-21 Rick Ross "Face" feat. Trina [Deeper Than Rap]
I does it like a boss everytime I pull it out
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2003-02-25 B.G. "Hottest of The Hot" [Livin' Legend]
I wanna see Trina just drop it like it's hot
2008-06-30 G-Unit "Party Ain't Over" feat. Young Buck [T.O.S.: Terminate On Sight]
Listenin to Trina while she run game on Lil' Wayne

origin: Miami, Florida, USA