Trick Daddy
Trick Daddy

cited at 62 senses as a primary artist, including:

2000-02-15 Trick Daddy "Boy" feat. Jv, The Lost Tribe [Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47]
I'll put some fire to that ass, that'll learn ya, boy
2002-08-06 Trick Daddy "SNS / Roland (Skit)" feat. Duece Poppi, Tre+6 [Thug Holiday]
Can you pig and pop the Belve
2002-08-06 Trick Daddy "Bout Mine" feat. Deuce Poppi, Money Mark, Mystic, Rick Ross [Thug Holiday]
Crackin' back to the white meat like lobster tails
1997-07-29 Trick Daddy "Kill-A-Head" feat. Buddy Roe [Based On A True Story]
I went to hell, now I'm back, and I'm hellafied
2006-12-19 Trick Daddy "Straight Up" feat. Young Buck [Back By Thug Demand]
I can fit a hundred in the back and just mash out
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2002-10-22 Field Mob "Haters" feat. Trick Daddy [From Tha Roota To Tha Toota]
I love dub-deuces, only cause I'm sittin' on em
2001-09-18 Coo Coo Cal "My Projects (Remix)" feat. Kurupt, Trick Daddy [Disturbed]
Bootylicious, hard head, wit a smart-ass mouth
2002-10-29 Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz "Play No Games" feat. Fat Joe, Trick Daddy [Kings of Crunk]
I just wanna cut you up, slice you up like cold cuts
2005-09-27 Three 6 Mafia "Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix)" feat. Project Pat, Slim Thug, Trick Daddy [Most Known Unknown]
First I was a trapper, then turned rapper
2008-09-16 DJ Khaled "Out Here Grindin'" feat. Ace Hood, Akon, Lil Boosie, Plies, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Young Jeezy [We Global]
Should be proud of your son, he a trap star
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2002-07-23 J-Zone "Zone For President" [Pimps Don't Pay Taxes]
Backpackers wave while I bump that Trick Daddy

origin: Miami, Florida, USA