Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez

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2020-04-10 Tory Lanez "Back In Business" [The New Toronto 3]
My bitch from Rex'
2017-03-02 Tory Lanez "Real Thing" feat. Future [MEMORIES DON'T DIE]
I be smoking Presidential, go on, elect me
2015-06-26 Tory Lanez "Acting Like" [Cruel Intentions (EP)]
Lookin' for the girls with their hair and their nails on fleek
2015-06-26 Tory Lanez "Fallback" [Cruel Intentions (EP)]
I'ma spend em commas up on her mean ass
2016-08-19 Tory Lanez "Dirty Money" [I Told You]
When you start the commas, that's when they want fuck with you
2017-03-02 Tory Lanez "Shooters" [MEMORIES DON'T DIE]
You not from the ends, you cannot fool us
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2013-08-19 Dizzy Wright "Step Yo Game Up" feat. Jarron Benton, Tory Lanez [The Golden Age]
Adidas on my feet, nigga, three stripes
2018-04-10 6ix9ine "RONDO" feat. Tory Lanez, Young Thug [Day69: Graduation Day]
I stay with the blicky, glttt-pow, are you dumb nigga?
2015-12-04 G-Eazy "Drifting" feat. Chris Brown, Tory Lanez [When It's Dark Out]
Got this flight to London, I ain't pop no Xans for it
2013-09-29 Meek Mill "Fuckin' Wit Me" feat. DJ Drama, Tory Lanez [Dreamchasers 3]
When they sleep, you know we up, we move kilos, then re-up
2018-11-27 6ix9ine "KIKA" feat. Tory Lanez [DUMMY BOY]
I got this four fifth, this shit all up on my hip
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origin: Brampton, Ontario, Canada