Too Short
Too Short

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1988-01-31 Too $hort "I Ain't Trippin" [Life Is... Too $hort]
You say I'm smokin' crack
1996-05-21 Too $hort "Fuck My Car" [Gettin' It (Album Number Ten)]
Have you lovin this dick like it's made of crack
1995-01-24 Too $hort "Game" feat. Old School Freddy B [Cocktails]
Bitch wanna smoke a 20 sack, she got to spend 20
1996-05-21 Too $hort "Buy You Some" feat. Erick Sermon, Kool Ace, MC Breed [Gettin' It (Album Number Ten)]
I stick and move on tracks while I smoke a twenty sack
1993-10-23 Too $hort "Way Too Real" feat. Father Dom [Get In Where You Fit In]
24-7 spitting playboy rhymes
1988-01-31 Too $hort "Pimp The Ho" [Life Is... Too $hort]
You drank two 40s, now you must be drunk
2006-08-29 Too $hort "Keep Bouncin' (Street)" feat. Snoop Dogg, [Blow The Whistle]
40 ounce sipper, the blackjack tripper
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1999-09-21 Jim Crow "That Drama (Baby's Momma)" feat. Jazze Pha, Too Short [Crow's Nest]
I got that game for sale, that be them lames ya tell
2000-10-10 E-40 "Doin' The Fool" feat. Pastor Troy, Pimp C, Too Short [Loyalty & Betrayal]
Be extra mannish, get some skull
2001-05-22 Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz "Bia' Bia' 2" feat. Chyna Whyte, Too Short [Put Yo Hood Up]
Get a foul hoe, we chin check her
1998-04-28 WC "Keep Hustlin'" feat. E-40, Too Short [The Shadiest One]
We doin our thingamajig up in this beyotch!
2010-03-30 E-40 "Can't Stop The Boss" feat. Jazze Pha, Snoop Dogg, Too Short [Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift]
I'm gettin gouda, my nigga, I'm havin paper, my fella
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1983 Too $hort "Female Funk" [Don't Stop Rappin']
Saw Too $hort just watch that cock
1985 Too $hort "From Here To New York" [Players]
Try to front Too $hort, you need to quit
1987-03-01 Too $hort "Freaky Tales" [Born To Mack]
I'm sir Too $hort, couldn't be no punk
1991-05-14 Ice-T "M.V.P.S" [O.G. Original Gangster]
Nigga, you're in the house, Short Dawg, peace out, my man
1991-11-12 Raw Fusion "Do My Thang" [Live From The Styleetron]
Too $hort and the homies from Oaktown
1992-07 Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics "Fuck What You Heard" [Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop]
Running game on a dame like Too $hort
1993-10-23 Too $hort "All My Bitches Are Gone" feat. Ant Banks [Get In Where You Fit In]
$hort Dog ain't nothin' but a dog, beeyatch
1994-11-08 Goldy "The Game Is Sold Not Told" feat. Too Short [In The Land of Funk]
Let 'em all know you love Too $hort, biatch
1995-01-24 Too $hort "Sample The Funk" [Cocktails]
Short Dog back in the house, beeyatch!
1996-05-21 Too $hort "Take My Bitch" [Gettin' It (Album Number Ten)]
Beyotch, that's the trademark, Short Dog in the house
1996-05-21 Too $hort "So Watcha Sayin'" [Gettin' It (Album Number Ten)]
Short Dog's in the house, beyotch
1997-11-04 Jay-Z "Real Niggaz" feat. Too Short [In My Lifetime, Vol. 1]
Beyotch, $hort Dawg's in the house
1999-07-13 Too $hort "More Freaky Tales" [Can't Stay Away]
Beyotch, Short Dog's in the house once again with this pimp shit
2000-09-12 Too $hort "Recognize Game" feat. Chyna Whyte [You Nasty]
I know you heard Short Dawg got digits
2010-04-26 Too $hort "All For Love" feat. Silk E [Still Blowin]
You in the mix wit'cha O.G. potnah Too $hort

origin: Oakland, California, USA