Terror Squad
Terror Squad

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2004-07-27 Terror Squad "Terror Era" [True Story]
1999-09-21 Terror Squad "Triple Threat" feat. Armageddon, Big Pun, Cuban Link [The Album]
You garbage-pail rappers would get ya cabbage split
1999-09-21 Terror Squad "'99 Live" feat. Prospect [Terror Squad - The Album]
Now, everybody from the BX, throw 'em up
2004-07-27 Terror Squad "Terror Era" [True Story]
I gets gully, rocks throwbacks and fitteds, nigga, hoodies and skullies
1999-09-21 Terror Squad "Pass The Glock" [Terror Squad - The Album]
Push ya knot back like a drop top
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2001-04-03 Big Pun "Brave In The Heart" feat. Terror Squad [Endangered Species]
I'm John Blazin' when you see the arms raisin'
1998-07-14 Fat Joe "The Hidden Hand" feat. Terror Squad [Don Cartagena]
Got the cops joggin at you, spittin rounds of clips, they down wit it
1999-10-05 Fat Joe "Thicker Than Blood" feat. Terror Squad [Thicker Than Water Soundtrack]
Street fires increased a bit, I might body a nigga for at least a nick
2001-04-03 Big Pun "Brave In The Heart" feat. Terror Squad [Endangered Species]
On the low tryin to blow trees
2001-04-03 Big Pun "Firewater" feat. Raekwon, Terror Squad [Endangered Species]
I'mma be maxin' in suites
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1998-07-14 Fat Joe "My World" feat. Big Pun [Don Cartegena]
Terror Squad, 9-8, new millenium, Joey Crack, realness
1998-07-14 Fat Joe "Dat Gangsta Shit" [Don Cartagena]
Terror Squad rock the party and, what, beotch!
1999-04-27 Big Pun "PiñA Colada" feat. Sheik [Ruff Ryders: Ryde Or Die Volume One]
You know Double R and Terror Squad niggaz want they cut
1999-09-21 Terror Squad "All Around The World" [The Album]
Terror Squad, new era, god, better choose who you with
2004-07-27 Terror Squad "Lean Back" [True Story]
Bronx, BX borough, Terror Squad, uh