Tech N9ne
Tech N9ne

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2001-08-28 Tech N9ne "Who You Came To See" [Anghellic]
On the boulevard bickin' it
2000-09-12 Tech N9ne "Thugged Out" feat. Gonzoe, Phats Bossi, Poppa L.Q., Yukmouth [The Worst]
New York niggas say be John Blazed
2002-09-24 Tech N9ne "Imma Tell" [Absolute Power]
Buckin the bammer when I bust wit a bang
2014-05-06 Tech N9ne "Red Rags" feat. Big Scoob, Jay Rock, Kutt Calhoun [Strangeulation]
I'm just bickin back and bein' bool
2015-11-20 Tech N9ne "Strangeulation Vol. II Cypher III" feat. Big Scoob, JL B.Hood [Strangeulation Vol. II]
Nah, I'm just fuckin with it, bickin back and havin fun
2006-11-07 Tech N9ne "Welcome To The Midwest" feat. Krizz Kaliko [Everready: The Religion]
We gotta be thizzin'
2012-09-19 Tech N9ne "Don't Tweet This" [E.B.A.H.]
Crazy daily, thizz at my crib, save me
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2016-05-06 Rittz "The Formula" feat. Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne [Top of the Line]
Bickin it back, I'm bein a better one, somethin better was never done
1998-11-03 Yukmouth "Bumbell" feat. Tech N9ne [Thugged Out: The Albulation]
It got me geeked out, hustlin, makin scrilla
2001-07-10 Young Droop "Under Pressure Remix" feat. Tech N9ne [Killa Valley: Moment Of Impakt]
Nigga, look who you crossed, a muthafuckin' sav
1998-11-03 Yukmouth "Stallion" feat. N.W.A., Tech N9ne [Thugged Out: The Albulation]
How the nigga be runnin' the game on these dames
1998-11-03 Yukmouth "Bumbell" feat. Tech N9ne [Thugged Out: The Albulation]
Get shit crunked when shit jumps
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2008-07-01 Tech N9ne "Crybaby" [Killer]
Tech got long cream with chrome things on his whip

origin: Kansas City, Missouri, USA