2005 Dom Pachino "Gunz N Butter" feat. C-Tera, P.C., Squigg Trust, T.M.F. [Operation Warface]
Niggas is hating, screwfacing, they obviously mad
2000-02-08 Ghostface Killah "One" feat. T.M.F. [Supreme Clientele]
Backdraft, four-pounders screamin with the pearly hats
1999-07-22 Shyheim "One Life To Live" feat. Dom Pachino, T.M.F. [Manchild]
More hoes than forty-deuce
2003 9th Prince "Generation Next" feat. Islord, Ruthless Bastards, T.M.F. [Granddaddy Flow]
Tryin' to cockblock my riches on a hot block with snitches
2000-09-12 Pop Da Brown Hornet "One Shot Deal" feat. Down Low Recka, T.M.F. [The Undaground Emperor]
I'm rollin with my team, and there's no clickin up
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