Swollen Members
Swollen Members

cited at 20 senses as a primary artist, including:

2006-09-12 Swollen Members "Weight" feat. The Alchemist, Ghostface Killah [Black Magic]
At club shizznit with Romey Rome, just came home
2011-04-12 Swollen Members "War Money" [Dagger Mouth]
Won't lie, when I did Percs I never felt higher
2001-11-13 Swollen Members "Full Contact" feat. Chali 2na, Evidence [Bad Dreams]
Its like that, no doubt, we keep it live, 24/7 365
2011-04-12 Swollen Members "War Money" [Dagger Mouth]
I'm still shifty, fuck with me, buck fifty to your face with the sharp razor
2009-10-27 Swollen Members "My Life" [Armed To The Teeth]
Was known for stacking gwap, rocking shows, and hitting hoes
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origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada