Soul Position
Soul Position

cited at 5 senses as a primary artist, including:

2003-12-23 Soul Position "Run" [8 Million Stories]
Got robbed and didn't run, but they had to run their jewels
2002-08-27 Soul Position "Take Your Time" [Unlimited EP]
As fast as they rolled on you, they will be out
2003-12-23 Soul Position "Candyland Part 2" [8 Million Stories]
Gumby's, hightop fades, hot packs
2003-12-23 Soul Position "Still Listening (Remix)" feat. Copywrite, Jakki The Motamouth [8 Million Stories]
I bum-rush the front
2006-04-04 Soul Position "Keep It Hot For Daddy" [Things Go Better With Rj & Al]
I want it so bad, I just might playa hate

origin: Columbus, Ohio, USA