cited at 8 senses as a primary artist, including:

2005-09-13 Skillz "Imagine" [Confessions of A Ghostwriter]
I moved to V-A after doin my bid
2005-09-13 Skillz "S.K.I.L.L.Z." [Confessions of A Ghostwriter]
You need to keep your nose clean, muh'fucka, I own V-A, c'mon
2005-09-13 Skillz "Y'all Don't Wanna Do That" [Confessions of A Ghostwriter]
I'm from V-A, nigga, where it's goddamn real at
2008-07-22 Skillz "The Million Dollar Backpack (Intro)" [The Million Dollar Backpack]
They say that all I make is backpack music
2008-07-22 Skillz "Don't Act Like You Don't Know" feat. Freeway [The Million Dollar Backpack]
New disco inferno, on point with the burners
2008-07-22 Skillz "My Phone" [The Million Dollar Backpack]
She was with it, so gettin them digits was nothin
2008-07-22 Skillz "Be Alright" feat. Aaries, Kornbread [The Million Dollar Backpack]
The swag is right
2008-07-22 Skillz "So Far So Good" feat. Common, Talib Kweli [The Million Dollar Backpack]
You can see it in my swag, I done figured it out
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2004-02-10 Lil' Flip "Out There Grindin' (Remix)" feat. Play, Skillz [Lil' Flip Presents Clover G's]
We from the Clover, nigga, we gon' make it through the drought

origin: Detroit, Michigan, USA