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1993-11-30 Shyheim "Bring The Drama" feat. Down Low Recka, K-Tez, Rubbabandz [On & On]
Knuckle check, better come correct
2008 Shyheim "Enter The Bottom" feat. C-Tera, Lucky Me [Enter The Bottom]
A-town stomping, I'm doing songs with Lil Jon
1994-08-23 Shyheim "One's For The Money" [One's For The Money]
If his lips get loose, smack 'em with my double deuce
2008 Shyheim "Enter The Bottom" feat. C-Tera, Lucky Me [Enter The Bottom]
It ain't easy being greasy, my neezy, believe me
2004-12-14 Shyheim "Easy Street" feat. La The Darkman [The Greatest Story Never Told]
Big chain, icy frost, roll some Porsche in New York
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2010-04-20 9th Prince "Sour Diesel" feat. Shyheim, William Cooper [Revenge of The 9th Prince]
It ain't easy, being greasy, my neezy, believe me
2002-03-12 12 O'Clock "G.A.T. (Gangstas & Thugz)" feat. Black Knights, North Star, Shyheim, Solomon Childs [Wu-Tang Killa Beez The Sting]
Now that nigga's duck sick, from the flick of the wick
2009-05-05 Phil Anastasia "The Outfit" feat. Dr. Ama, Dyverse The First, King Just, The Last American B-Boy, Lounge Lo, Rahsaan, Shyheim [The Outfit LP]
I'm a trap star, running through dirt like track stars
2010 Dom Pachino "Monkeys Laugh Too" feat. Shyheim [Tera Iz Him 2: Chronicles From The Dirty Doctrine]
So gutter with it, fuck it, make it with government cheese
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1994-09-13 Big Daddy Kane "3 Forties & A Bottle of Moet" [Daddy's Home]
My man Shyheim with the gangsta lean