Show & A.G.
Show & A.G.

cited at 47 senses as a primary artist, including:

1995-05-30 Show & A.G. "I'm Not The One" [Goodfellas]
He's acting kind of shiesty
1998-05-24 Show & A.G. "Spit" [Full Scale]
I brought the Desert E's with me
1995-05-30 Show & A.G. "Neighbahood Sickness" feat. Party Arty [Goodfellas]
Cash for the blast, I'm smoking White Owls straight up
1995-05-30 Show & A.G. "You Want It" feat. Diamond D [Goodfellas]
MC's that slept got caught with the chin check
1998-05-24 Show & A.G. "Q&A" feat. Ghetto Dwellas [Full Scale]
Ayo, question, who's whipping the black Expedition?
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