Sage Francis
Sage Francis

cited at 23 senses as a primary artist, including:

2002-04-22 Sage Francis "Runaways" [Personal Journals]
If it's fight or flight, they'll just choose to throw down
2007-05-08 Sage Francis "Civil Disobedience" [Human The Death Dance]
He's honkin the horn like "You wanna throw down?"
2005-02-08 Sage Francis "The Buzz Kill" [A Healthy Distrust]
2004 Sage Francis "Doomage (Damage Remix)" feat. Brother Ali, Slug [Sickly Business]
What the dilly is? I'm unsure, but so sincerrr
2001-11-30 Sage Francis "Can I Kick It?" [Sick of Waging War]
Droppin me her seven digits while I'm in the club
2001-02 Sage Francis "Swedish Fish" [Sick of Waiting Tables]
Peace to all my headcrackin' melon bruisers
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2011-09-06 MC Lars "Art of Darkness" feat. Sage Francis [Lars Attacks!]
Where people get robbed, and pushers get paid

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2000 Sage Francis "Whore Monger" [Still Sick... Urine Trouble]
Sage is known to pull your card, kid, so chill

origin: Providence, Rhode Island, USA