Sada Baby
Sada Baby

cited at 3 senses as a primary artist, including:

2017-04-07 Sada Baby "Sticks & Stones" [Skuba Sada]
Bust a nigga head and go right back to booling
2019-01-25 Sada Baby "Unkle Drew" [Bartier Bounty]
I don't say it 'cause it's bool, bitch, I say it 'cause it's in me
2019-01-25 Sada Baby "Lunch Room" [Bartier Bounty]
Talkin' wild, get the OJ's, nigga, it's on
2017-08-26 FMB DZ "The Field" feat. Sada Baby [Washington DZ]
I try to be humble, they take advantage 'cause I’m bool