Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels
( El-PKiller Mike )

cited at 41 senses as a primary artist, including:

2013-06-26 Run the Jewels "36-inch Chain" [Run the Jewels]
Heard she got a baby-daddy and a nigga acting aggy
2013-06-26 Run the Jewels "Run the Jewels" [Run the Jewels]
When we say "run the jewels" just run' em baby, please don't delay me
2013-06-26 Run the Jewels "36-inch Chain" [Run the Jewels]
She called her homegirl from the BX, freaky lil 'Rican brought X, and we sexed
2014-10-24 Run the Jewels "Love Again (Akinyele Back)" feat. Gangsta Boo [Run The Jewels 2]
Take your shit off, I'm not playin', bae!
2013-06-26 Run the Jewels "Banana Clippers" feat. Big Boi [Run the Jewels]
Told her she raised a bunch a fuck boys, next time do better
2013-06-26 Run the Jewels "Job Well Done" feat. Until the Ribbon Breaks [Run the Jewels]
Fuck boys know the combination ain't healthy
2014-10-24 Run the Jewels "Jeopardy" [Run The Jewels 2]
So fuck you fuck-boys forever, hope I said it politely
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2016-06-24 DJ Shadow "Nobody Speaks" feat. Run the Jewels [The Mountain Will Fall]
The toter of the toolie'll murder you friggin moolies