Royce Da 5'9"
Royce Da 5'9"

cited at 3 senses as a primary artist, including:

2016-04-15 Royce Da 5'9" "America" [Layers]
Lost in everybody sayin not to floss, so you go watch The Walking Dead
2018-05-04 Royce Da 5'9" "Summer On Lock" feat. Agent Sasco, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Pusha T [Book of Ryan]
Stay stuntin, but you broke, why you frontin?
2010-03-30 Royce Da 5'9" "Taxi Driver" [Bar Exam 3 (The Most Interesting Man)]
I'm high thinkin' like what if the feds try to out me?
2018-08-31 Eminem "Not Alike" feat. Royce Da 5'9" [Kamikaze]
I don't use sublims and sure as fuck don't sneak-diss