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2008-03-18 Rocko "Umma Do Me" [Self-Made]
I swag it out, uhh
2008-03-18 Rocko "Snakes" [Self-Made]
That boy stan got guap', he a fool with the yam
2013-03-05 Rocko "U.O.E.N.O." feat. Future, Rick Ross [Gift of Gab]
A.P. and that Piguet with the Breitling when I'm bored
2008-03-18 Rocko "Busy" [Self-Made]
Man I be busy in the trap, I be busy movin packs
2008-03-18 Rocko "Hustle Fo" feat. Lloyd [Self-Made]
All my niggaz who kept it G with me and all my fans
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2012-01-17 Future "Blow" feat. Ludacris, Rocko [Astronaut Status]
Y'all niggas fugazy, tryna copy muh team
2012-01-12 Future "Blow" feat. Ludacris, Rocko [Astronaut Status]
I blow them bands
2011-03-22 Gucci Mane "I Don't Love Her" feat. Rocko, Webbie [The Return of Mr. Zone 6]
That sour diesel my favorite, you better watch how you look
2009-04-18 Nicki Minaj "Easy" feat. Gucci Mane, Rocko [Beam Me Up Scotty]
Vroom! hear it ert-ert when it skrrt
2012-01-12 Future "Blow" feat. Ludacris, Rocko [Astronaut Status]
Put the Gucci skully on
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origin: Atlanta, Georgia, USA