2009-05-05 Phil Anastasia "Aqui Mando Yo" feat. Rock, Streetlife [The Outfit LP]
Cuz I was getting dusted, tripping on e
2000-03-21 Redman "No Chance (Vince McMahon Theme)" feat. Rock [WWF Aggression]
We fight to the white meat
2009-09-15 KRS-One & Buckshot "Clean Up Crew" feat. Rock [Survival Skills]
But I told y'all before you're just wick-wick-wack!
2011-06-28 Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun "Feel Me" feat. Bun B, Rock [Monumental]
Don't make me leave your forehead on your chuckers
2005-05-31 Sean Price "Slap Boxing" feat. Rock, Ruste Juxx [Monkey Barz]
Cold-blooded, black-hearted, swing the MAC retarded
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