Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke

cited at 2 senses as a primary artist, including:

2013-07-30 Robin Thicke "Give It 2 U" feat. Kendrick Lamar [Blurred Lines]
Girl, you know what it do, girl, give it to me
2009-12-15 Robin Thicke "Shakin' It 4 Daddy" feat. Nicki Minaj [Sex Therapy]
Got that Bentley, got that Caddy, and they're all four-door
2009-06-16 50 Cent "Cocaine" feat. Robin Thicke [War Angel LP]
A lil' like a pimp, I'm your pusher man
2008-06-10 Tyga "This Is Like" feat. Robin Thicke [Careless World: Rise of The Last King]
All John Blaze, collared shirts, school days
2012-08-21 Busta Rhymes "Love-Hate" feat. Robin Thicke [Year of The Dragon]
I love you, I hate you, need it like her-on
2008-06-10 Lil Wayne "Tie My Hands" feat. Robin Thicke [Tha Carter III]
Excuse me if I'm on one
2009-04-21 Rick Ross "Lay Back" feat. Robin Thicke [Deeper Than Rap]
Her flavor superb, I pay her with carats