cited at 16 senses as a primary artist, including:

2006-07-17 Rhymefest "Tell A Story" [Blue Collar]
Sippin that sizzurp, hittin the blunt
2010-04-05 Rhymefest "Martyr" [Dangerous: 5-18]
When I go off and blow myself up in the crowd
2006-07-17 Rhymefest "All I Do" [Blue Collar]
Chi-town, stand up, we supposed to win
2006-07-17 Rhymefest "Devil's Pie" [Blue Collar]
Yeah, yeah, Chi-town in the house
2010-04-05 Rhymefest "Martyr" [Dangerous: 5-18]
Chi-town Castro, call me el Che
2010-04-05 Rhymefest "Get Plugged" feat. Elzhi, Little Brother, Twone Gabz [Dangerous: 5-18]
2010-04-05 Rhymefest "How High" feat. Little Brother [Dangerous: 5-18]
Chi-town boss can get you from behind bars
2006-07-17 Rhymefest "All I Do" [Blue Collar]
A brother ain't fin' to take no shit
2006-07-17 Rhymefest "Stick" [Blue Collar]
C'mon, now I ain't fin' to get soft or trick off
2006-07-17 Rhymefest "Build Me Up" feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard [Blue Collar]
You fin' to say no, oh, how's that so?
2006-07-17 Rhymefest "More" feat. Kanye West [Blue Collar]
You ain't fin' to serve here if you ain't with us
2006-07-17 Rhymefest "Get Down" [Blue Collar]
Raw like caine and gettin brain from brainless chicks
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2011-11-29 Vakill "Beast Ballad" feat. Crooked I, Juice, Nino Bless, Rhymefest [Armor of God]
This that new chi, neck's frosty, bars is Windex-glossy
2005-03-07 Bump J "Pusha Man (Remix)" feat. Kanye West, Keyshia Cole, Rhymefest [Pusha Man]
Pusha man finna go out and get money
2005-06-21 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Don't Hurt Me" feat. Rhymefest [A Son Unique]
Indonesia in the Dutch, already rolled
2008-07-01 Little Brother "Do It To Death" feat. Rhymefest, Supastition [And Justus For All]
I'm reppin my set, what da fuck you expect, blaow
2007-05-08 DJ Jazzy Jeff "Jeff N Fess" feat. Rhymefest [The Return of The Magnificent]
Niggas in the Bay calling me hyphy
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origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA