cited at 19 senses as a primary artist, including:

2003-11 Remedy "21st Century" feat. Solomon Childs [Code:Red]
Wait for no man, make moves for delf
2010-12-07 Remedy "Mob Pirates" [It All Comes Down To This]
They hit 'em with the RICO act, investigation
2003-11 Remedy "That's What's Happening" feat. Lounge Lo, Solomon Childs [Code:Red]
Somebody you know done ratted the Shaolin, everyone knows everything
2010-12-07 Remedy "Startin' Something" feat. King Just, Solomon Childs [It All Comes Down To This]
He's lethal, his only choice but sour diesel
2003-11 Remedy "Tonight's Da Night" feat. Lounge Lo [Code:Red]
Wit the jet black 9 by my waistline, kickin' the hype shit
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