cited at 21 senses as a primary artist, including:

2008-07-22 Reks "The One" [Grey Hairs]
I am not the unsigned hype, I'm the unsigned five mics
2008-07-22 Reks "Grey Hairs" [Grey Hairs]
I wanted to rock them three stripes, Timbs, and Nikes
2008-07-22 Reks "Say Goodnight" [Grey Hairs]
Nickel nine in the audience of week rap shows
2008-07-22 Reks "Say Goodnight" [Grey Hairs]
My rap, the flow's ether, the soul-seeker
2001-10-23 Reks "Final Four" feat. Danja Mowf, Esoteric, J-Live, Lonnie B, Pacewon, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Young Z [Along Came The Chosen]
I know you sucker ducks wanna join in my fleet
2014-03-18 Onyx "One 4 Da Team" feat. Reks [Wakedafucup]
For the bloodline, the a-alike, the DNA the genes
2010-02-02 Statik Selektah "Fake Love (Yes Men)" feat. Good Brotha, Kali, Reks, Termanology [100 Proof: The Hangover]
Think I'mma pay for whackness?
2015-03-03 DJ EFN "Revolutionary Ride Music" feat. O.C., Reks, Royce Da 5'9, Your Old Droog [Another Time]
Pop bottles of pain, twist some backwoods
2001-11-05 Virtuoso "Provoke Me" feat. Reks [World War One - The Voice of Reason]
Lifted like I spark l's
2010-02-02 Statik Selektah "Drunken Nights" feat. J.F.K., Joe Scudda, Reks [100 Proof: The Hangover]
Can't we all just get along? Anyone feel me?
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