Ras Kass
Ras Kass

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1998-09-22 Ras Kass "Grindin" feat. Bad Azz, Da Nation [Rasassination]
I be doin my thug dizzo, that's for shizzo
1996-09-30 Ras Kass "Miami Life" [Soul On Ice]
Eff a four point oh GPA I got a five point oh GTA
1998-09-22 Ras Kass "3 The Best" feat. Sauce Money, Sheek Louch [Rasassination]
I spit solely for the guacamole
1996-09-17 Ras Kass "Sonset" [Soul On Ice]
1996-09-17 Ras Kass "Everything I Love" [Soul On Ice]
Playa hating is a street code felony
1998-09-22 Ras Kass "Ghetto Fabulous" feat. Dr. Dre, Mack 10 [Rasassination]
We don't call it playa hatin in the nine-eight, it's P.I.
1996-09-17 Ras Kass "Reelishymn" [Soul On Ice]
Niggas said my rhyme wasn't fly, now I have the juice like Omar Epps and Crooked I
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2000-07-18 Canibus "Horsementality" feat. Killah Priest, Kurupt, Ras Kass [2000 B.C.]
Kiddo, I be doin my thug thizzo for shizzo
2003 Canibus "Horsemen Enforcements" feat. Kurupt, Ras Kass [The Brainstream]
Street sweep, pop hollow chrome, holla
1998-11-24 RZA "Handwriting On The Wall" feat. Ras Kass [Bobby Digital In Stereo]
My sweet-and-sour niggaz wit nose candy, sniff blow by the gram
2012-05-22 David Banner "Californication" feat. Kree, Nipsey Hussle, Ras Kass, Snoop Dogg [Sex, Drugs & Video Games]
Now I wanna see the swap meet, Crenshaw and Slauson
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2 shout-outs in these lyrics

1997-07-15 Cru "The Ebonic Plague" feat. Ras Kass [Da Dirty 30]
For sheezy, when Ras Kass get to swervin' off yac, believe me
1999 Tony Touch "Rah Digga Freestyle" feat. Rah Digga [Power Cypha 3: The Grand Finale]
Living ghetto-fabulous like my man, Ras Kass

origin: Los Angeles, California, USA