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2007-06-07 Random "Ringman Part 1 & 2" feat. Roseblack [Mega Ran]
Need that guac', young boy, come better than that
2009-09-03 Random "Worst I Ever Heard (AZ Remix)" feat. Mr. Miranda, Pennywise [Thanks For Supporting Random! Vol. 2]
Snatch you by your neck and turn your dreads into a flattop
2011-11-11 Random "Easy Mode" feat. Wordspit [Mega Ran 10]
My peoples is diesel, my steez should be illegal
2011-11-11 Random "Pump It Up!" feat. Adam Warrock [Mega Ran 10]
Expiali-dopeness, focus, stoppin somethin this explosive is hopeless
2009-03-12 Random "Get Equipped" feat. Side Effect [Mega Ran 9]
Fall back, we the champions, dunn
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2010-06-01 Random & K-Murdock "For The Gamers" feat. Int80, Schaffer The Darklord [Forever Famicom]
You on point, Ran?