R. Kelly
R. Kelly

cited at 36 senses as a primary artist, including:

1998-11-10 R. Kelly "We Ride" feat. Cam'Ron, Jay-Z, Noreaga [R.]
Thugged-out, yo, all my people givin' eye jammies
2007-05-27 R. Kelly "Rock Star" feat. Kid Rock, Ludacris [Double Up]
Hotter than tamales, you probably should be my wild thang
2013-12-10 R. Kelly "Crazy Sex" [Black Panties]
Let's get ratchet
2003-05-09 R. Kelly "Thoia Thoing (Remix)" feat. Baby, Busta Rhymes [Thoia Thoing]
Iced-up Jacob watch, Marc Jacob boots
2007-05-27 R. Kelly "Get Dirty" feat. Chamillionaire [Double Up]
They wanna spend the night at the crib, so they hit the club with two 'fits
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2004-01-27 Twista "So Sexy" feat. R. Kelly [Kamikaze]
My Chi girl bust down niggaz, straight buck
2003-12-09 Big Tymers "Gangsta Girl" feat. R. Kelly [Big Money Heavyweight]
Not them fake-ass wanksta girls
2003-10-21 Ginuwine "Hell Yeah (Remix)" feat. Baby, Clipse, R. Kelly [Hell Yeah]
This is what ya call presidential cake up
2007-12-11 Beanie Sigel "All of The Above" feat. R. Kelly [The Solution]
I pull 7 digits clean, soon as I grace the stage
2009-12-08 Snoop Dogg "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" feat. R. Kelly [Malice N Wonderland]
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1997-06-10 Changing Faces "All of My Days" feat. Jay-Z [All Day, All Night]
Keep that on the low, R. Kelly style
2000-12-05 AMG "She's Paid" feat. Bosko, Dru Down [Bitch Betta Have My Money 2001]
Sex me like R. Kelly, plus pays for my celly
2004-01-27 Twista "Hope" feat. Cee-Lo [Kamikaze]
No popo bring the heat on our peace like they did R. Kelly
2006-06-27 Ray Cash "Bumpin' My Music" feat. Scarface [C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery)]
On the way to the telly, we was bumpin' R. Kelly
2007-04-13 Lil Wayne "Dipset" [Da Drought 3]
Just show a video wit R. Kelly, but no homo though
2009-12-08 Snoop Dogg "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" feat. R. Kelly [Malice N Wonderland]

origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA