Project Pat
Project Pat

cited at 125 senses as a primary artist, including:

2002-08-02 Project Pat "North, North Part 2" feat. Juicy J [Layin' Da Smack Down]
2002-08-02 Project Pat "Smoke & Get High" feat. Crunchy Black [Layin' Da Smack Down]
Tha red hairs get ya high, you choke
1999-09-14 Project Pat "Ballers (Remix)" feat. Baby, Hot Boy$, Three 6 Mafia [Ghetty Green]
Now we back up in the hood on a burner phone
2006-12-05 Project Pat "Been Gettin' Money" feat. DJ Paul, Juicy J [Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story]
I'm on the slab tryna slang this pack of yams
2006-12-05 Project Pat "High Off The Ground" [Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story]
Sold my Chevy, dog, and I flipped to a Cutty
2006-12-05 Project Pat "Cocaine" [Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story]
Up all night in this trap house, niggaz know we got clout
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1999-02-02 Tear Da Club Up Thugs "What You Lookin' For" feat. Project Pat [Crazyndalazdayz]
I'm on the burna phone, just got paged by a Curly Curly
2008-06-24 Three 6 Mafia "Dirty Bitch" feat. Project Pat [Last 2 Walk]
Got Apple Bottom jeans, but your nails lookin dusty
2002-07-02 Juicy J "Raise Ya Thumbs Up" feat. Project Pat [Chronicles of The Juice Man]
Hydro wit red hair, something I can slang, trick
2002-04-23 Big Moe "Purple Stuff (Remix)" feat. Big Pokey, D-Gotti, Project Pat [Purple World]
I got a Kool-Aid smile off some purple Kool-Aid
2005-09-27 Three 6 Mafia "Roll Wit It" feat. Project Pat [Most Known Unknown]
Them 357, titanium Smith-n-Wess
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2002-08-02 Project Pat "Mouth Write A Check" feat. Frayser Boy [Layin' Da Smack Down]
Me and Project Pat toting gats, we do this for sport
2008-06-24 Three 6 Mafia "Outro" [Last 2 Walk]
We got another album from Project Pat droppin, ya knahmsayin

origin: Memphis, Tennessee, USA