Pras Michel
Pras Michel
a.k.a. Pras

cited at 6 senses as a primary artist, including:

2005-08-16 Pras Michel "Mr. Martin" feat. Akon [Win Lose Or Draw]
Ever seen, pocket stays ever green
2005-08-16 Pras Michel "Win Lose Or Draw" [Win Lose Or Draw]
I keep a loose deuce-deuce just to even the odds, ya heard?
2005-08-16 Pras Michel "How It Feels" [Win Lose Or Draw]
Welfare checks and government cheese
2005-08-16 Pras Michel "Light My Fire" [Win Lose Or Draw]
Where da bumba claat, where da bumba ras
1997-11-18 Pras Michel "You Can't Stop The Pras" [DJ Skribble's Traffic Jams]
Stretch double R, invisible limousine
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