Popa Wu
Popa Wu

cited at 30 senses as a primary artist, including:

2000-10-31 Popa Wu "Who's Got Game?" feat. Don Chulo [Visions of The Tenth Chamber]
Yo, for real, all ya playa hatin-ass niggas
2000-10-31 Popa Wu "Back of The Church" feat. 5ft Hyper Snyper, K-Blunt, Manley Musa, Spiritual Assassin [Visions of The Tenth Chamber]
Comin with them joints that'll spark up ya brain
2000-10-31 Popa Wu "Gangster Theme" feat. Freemurder, Shacronz [Visions of The Tenth Chamber]
2000-10-31 Popa Wu "Red Rum" feat. Babyface Finster, Buddha Monk, Delta One [Visions of The Tenth Chamber]
Ya hot like a shot with the 30-30
2000-10-31 Popa Wu "Come One, Come All" feat. Cuffie Crime Family [Visions of The Tenth Chamber]
Ram came back, short stop like two re-ups
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