Popa Chief
Popa Chief

cited at 17 senses as a primary artist, including:

2006-07-17 Popa Chief "Lil' Pimpin'" [Brain Food]
Puffin a fatty and taking long drags
2006-07-17 Popa Chief "Rite There!" feat. Buddha Monk [Brain Food]
Super nigga dub looking right, merge a pack of Vegas
2006-07-17 Popa Chief "Rite There!" feat. Buddha Monk [Brain Food]
Shaking, not stirring, parking-lot-pimp a lot, mack daddy limp-a-lot
2006-07-17 Popa Chief "Real Nigz" [Brain Food]
Just point 'em out, they can all get clipped and whacked
2006-07-17 Popa Chief "What Not 2 Do" [Brain Food]
Gangstas up to no good, that's when the DT's swarmed
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2008-03-06 Buddha Monk "Gun Them Down" feat. Popa Chief [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk]
Now shame on a nigga who try to run game on this nigga
2006-04 Buddha Monk & Da Manchuz "Ain't No Woman Like The One I Got" feat. Popa Chief, Preacherman [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 4: Manchuz Dynasty]
That's the 90's, I'm a Crooklyn king
2002-03-19 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Lintballz" feat. Brooklyn Zoo, Popa Chief, Sunz of Man [Trials & Tribulations of Russell Jones]
You smokin' all my purple kush up
2005-10-30 Buddha Monk "Watchin' Me" feat. Dungeon Masta, Popa Chief, Silkski [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son]
Get the trees, stay on point for the enemy
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origin: Willingboro, New Jersey, USA