Pigeon John
Pigeon John

cited at 8 senses as a primary artist, including:

2003-08-26 Pigeon John "Hello Everybody" [Is Dating Your Sister]
I said, "Can I get the 7 digits?"
2001 Pigeon John "The Cowboy Song" [Is Clueless]
Makin' big lucci and would have it no other way
2003-08-26 Pigeon John "Identity Crisis" [Is Dating Your Sister]
She looked me up and down to check my stilo
2003-08-26 Pigeon John "Fox Hills Mallmacks" [Is Dating Your Sister]
Put your digits in the phone
2006-09-12 Pigeon John "One For The..." feat. Brother Ali [And The Summertime Pool Party]
Till I'm on the next level I'mma grind at will
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origin: Los Angeles, California, USA