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2011-09-27 Phonte "Everything Is Falling Down" feat. Jeanne Jolly [Charity Starts At Home]
King shit, Kane shit, no half-stepper
2011-09-27 Phonte "Not Here Anymore" feat. Elzhi [Charity Starts At Home]
My D.C. niggas say, "You bamas lack expurrience"
2018-03-02 Phonte "Find That Love Again" feat. Eric Roberson [No News Is Good News]
I’m like slow your roll, my capacity’s at an overload
2011-09-27 Phonte "Everything Is Falling Down" feat. Jeanne Jolly [Charity Starts At Home]
You are confronted with 99 problems and can't keep it 100
2011-09-27 Phonte "We Go Off" feat. Pharoahe Monch [Charity Starts At Home]
Pharoahe the god strike the mic hard like Ty Cobb with a bat
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2011-09-27 9th Wonder "Band Practice" feat. DJ Flash, Phonte [The Wonder Years]
Gave you a chance to shine now it's time that we get gritty
2005-06-27 The Away Team "Make It Hot" feat. Joe Scudda, Phonte [National Anthem]
I'll toast you for bread, flow's buttery smooth
2005-09-20 Kev Brown "Beats N' Rhymes" feat. Oddisee, Phonte [I Do What I Do]
24-7, 365, I bring it to you live
2009-10-06 Apathy "True Love" feat. Phonte [Wanna Snuggle?]
Watching VH1 Soul on the couch, lamping
2007-11-27 CunninLynguists "Yellow Lines" feat. Phonte, Witchdoctor [Dirty Acres]
Didn't take long to see that we were a-alikes
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2005-06-21 Buckshot & 9th Wonder "Birdz Fly The Coup" feat. Phonte [Chemistry]
It's Phontigga, from N.C. to Bucktown
2005-09-13 Little Brother "Beautiful Morning" [The Minstrel Show]
Tiggalo hit me up, "Pooh, it's time to murk"
2006-09-20 Brand New Heavies "Sex God" feat. Phonte [Get Used To It]
Phontigga got your love on lock
2008 Phonte & Eccentric "69th Chamber Intercourse" [The Story of U.S.]
Hangin out, maxin, 'Te hangin off and shit