Paul Wall
Paul Wall

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2004-02-24 Paul Wall "Know What I'm Talkin' About" [Chick Magnet]
I'm riding on 83's, my rims are classic
2005-09-13 Paul Wall "So Many Diamonds" feat. T.I. [The People's Champ]
I'm tryin to bolt up 83's and throw some ice cubes in the air
2005-09-13 Paul Wall "I'm A Playa" feat. Three 6 Mafia [The People's Champ]
I'm still ridin on elbows, in eighty-threes and eighty-fo's
2005-09-13 Paul Wall "Sippin' Tha Barre" [The People's Champ]
Hustle town, that's my hood, gettin money is understood
2007-04-03 Paul Wall "I Ain't Hard To Find" [Get Money, Stay True]
2007-04-03 Paul Wall "Break 'Em Off" feat. Lil' Keke [Get Money, Stay True]
I'ma show 'em pourin up a deuce and ridin' slab
2005-09-13 Paul Wall "Got Plex" feat. Archie Lee, Cootabang [The People's Champ]
Step in the club and throw up my set, they mean-muggin and smellin like wet
2005-09-13 Paul Wall "Ridin' Dirty" feat. Trey Songz [The People's Champ]
I don't know what these boys thank, my motivation is Benjamin Franklin
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2005-04-19 Mike Jones "What Ya Know About" feat. Killa Kyleon, Paul Wall [Who Is Mike Jones?]
It's some icy white shoes and a tall tee shirt
2009-03-24 Slim Thug "Welcome 2 Houston" feat. Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, UGK [Boss of All Bosses]
Hustle-town's my home, it's where I do my dirt
2005-04-26 Z-Ro "From The South" feat. Lil' Flip, Paul Wall [Let The Truth Be Told]
Blucka-blucka-bblucka that's how my gun go
2005-10-18 Bun B "Draped Up (Remix)" feat. Aztek, Chamillionaire, Lil' Flip, Lil' Keke, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Z-Ro [Trill]
Southwest and bloody nickels rollin 83's
2008-07-22 Big Pokey "Let Dem Boys Know" feat. Lil' Keke, Paul Wall [Evacuation Notice]
83's and 84's definitely ain't the same thang
2006-03-07 Juvenile "Way I Be Leanin'" feat. Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Skip, Wacko [Reality Check]
Comin down on choppers single file with all the trunk poppers
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2004-06-08 Paul Wall "Game Over (Flip) Freestyle" [How To Be A Player]
What it do, it's Paul Wall, I'm the people's champ
2004-06-08 Paul Wall "Playa Made" [How To Be A Player]
What it do, it's Paul Wall, my game sharp as a spear
2004-06-08 Paul Wall "All Eyez On Me Freestyle" [How To Be A Player]
What it do, it's Paul Wall from the 713
2005-04-19 Mike Jones "Still Tippin'" feat. Paul Wall, Slim Thug [Who Is Mike Jones?]
What it do, it's Paul Wall, I'm the people's champ
2005-09-13 Paul Wall "Sippin' Tha Barre" [The People's Champ]
It's Paul Wall, baby, what it do, been bangin Screw since '92
2005-11-08 Sheek Louch "Run Up" feat. Styles [After Taxes]
Paul Wall bottoms, big Jacob bangle
2006-01-10 The Game "My Lowrider" feat. Chingy, Crooked I, E-40, Ice Cube, Lil Rob, Paul Wall, Techniec, WC [Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin]
W and P and CPT, we keeping it G
2006-06-06 DJ Khaled "Holla At Me" feat. Cool & Dre, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Pitbull, Rick Ross [Listennn... the Album]
Khaled go hard, dawg, talk to 'em Paul Wall
2007-04-03 Paul Wall "Bangin' Screw" [Get Money, Stay True]
What it do, it's Paul to the Wall, trunk up tall, let the four screens fall

origin: Houston, Texas, USA