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2001-05-22 Outsidaz "The Bricks" [The Bricks]
Boys, you'll lose if you ain't glocked up, payin' your dues
2001-05-22 Outsidaz "Yo Doe Doe" [The Bricks]
Sold up all the cold cut to a narco in a tow truck
2001-05-22 Outsidaz "Music" feat. Rah Digga [The Bricks]
Makin' muthafuckas run jewels
2001-05-22 Outsidaz "Who You Be" feat. Method Man, Redman [The Bricks]
Fuckin ya birds, pluckin ya nerves, puffin' ya herb
2001-05-22 Outsidaz "The Bricks" [The Bricks]
You herbs is done when I start releasin'
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1998 Flipmode Squad "This Is What Happens" [The Imperial]
I'm in Y.O. with Swizz and the Ruff Ryders, or I'm chillin in the bricks with Zee and the Outsidaz

origin: Newark, New Jersey, USA