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2001-10-23 Outlawz "Red Bull & Vodka" [Novakane]
What's poppin, mama?
2005-04-19 Outlawz "If You Want 2" [Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P.]
If you cuffin', it's another
2005-04-19 Outlawz "I Dare U" [Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P.]
We outlawz, go home or go hard
2000-11-07 Outlawz "Good Bye" [Ride Wit Us Or Collide Wit Us]
'Cause 25 with an l ain't closer, junior
2000-11-07 Outlawz "Fuck With Me" [Ride Wit Us Or Collide Wit Us]
She like to lay on her stomach, so I bust on her back
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1996-02-13 2Pac "Tradin War Stories" feat. C-BO, Outlawz, Storm [All Eyez On Me]
Y'all real O.G.'s, droppin game to the youngsters
2001-03-27 2Pac "World Wide Mob Figgaz" feat. Outlawz [Until the End of Time]
I seen your kind before, high saditty
1996-11-05 Makaveli "Just Like Daddy" feat. Outlawz [The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory]
Watchin the kids through the whole bid in the V-I
2001-03-27 2Pac "All Out" feat. Outlawz [Until the End of Time]
Cause rappers like Jay-Z be pumpin Kool-Aid through they veins
1996-02-13 2Pac "When We Ride" feat. Outlawz [All Eyez On Me]
Individuals capable of enormous amounts of chin checks and eye swolls
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