cited at 20 senses as a primary artist, including:

2008-09-30 Outerspace "Lost Battles" feat. Reef The Lost Cauze [God's Fury]
Ayo, it's the American dream, the root of evil
2006-09-05 Outerspace "Street Massacre" feat. Royce Da 5'9" [Blood Brothers]
From Illadelph to Rock City with the hotness
2015-02-13 Outerspace "Hail Mary" [God's Fury]
We travel a vicious cycle from Illadelph to the Eiffel
2008-09-30 Outerspace "Anointing of The Sick" feat. Abidiel, Psycho Realm [God's Fury]
I read the puto through my recital, it's suicidal
2008-09-30 Outerspace "Gods & Generals 2" feat. Des Devious, King Syze [God's Fury]
I'm wit the gods and generals throwing up ether
2008-09-30 Outerspace "Nicko" [God's Fury]
Nicko, my baby boy, everything is everything
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2012-07-31 La Coka Nostra "No Hay Tiempo Para Mañana" feat. Outerspace [Master of the Dark Arts]
My nine pop you, TEC spray, you get bodied
2011-10-25 Reef The Lost Cauze "Timezones" feat. Outerspace [Your Favorite MC]
Gotta make sure they never give up and maintain

origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA