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1995 Onyx "Evil Streets (Remix)" feat. Method Man [Evil Streets]
I know myself, onion head niggas don't listen
1998-06-02 Onyx "Overshine" feat. All City [Shut 'Em Down]
Follow my footsteps, used to ante up for a nickel sack
1998-06-02 Onyx "Broke Willies" [Shut 'Em Down]
Shit is all sunny when he pulled up in a 4-20
2014-03-18 Onyx "Hammers On Deck" [Wakedafucup]
Ten on my neck buck fifty for the whip
1993-03-30 Onyx "Phat ('n' All Dat)" [Bacdafucup]
I'm rockin the grimy clubs, get blunted with sasquatch
1993-03-30 Onyx "Slam" [Bacdafucup]
Now everyone wanna say I'm grimy
1993-03-30 Onyx "Shiftee" [Bacdafucup]
Shiftee, low-down, gritty, and grimey
1993-03-30 Onyx "Shiftee" [Bacdafucup]
Shiftee! Low down, gritty, and grimy
1993-03-30 Onyx "Bang 2 Dis" [Bacdafucup]
Grimy, go-hard, gully, get your ass beat on and off stage shit
2014-03-18 Onyx "The Realest" [Wakedafucup]
In the hood niggas grimey, money thicker than blood
2013-08-16 A$AP Ferg "Fuck Out My Face" feat. A$ton Matthews, B-Real, Onyx [Trap Lord]
I'm a CBGB, crazy, bald-head, grimy bastard
2000-08-15 Sway & King Tech "Onyx & DMX" feat. DMX, Onyx [Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 6]
I can spot the sheisty villains

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1991-05-07 KMD "Peachfuzz" [Mr. Hood]
Sure as Onyx's clippers etch a clue to your wig
1993-03-30 Onyx "Bichasniguz" [Bacdafucup]
I hit you with da TEC, Onyx in effect, we always come correct