cited at 17 senses as a primary artist, including:

2006-02-28 Omni "Turntable Destroyer" [Ballyhoo]
Sipping on brass monkey, with your mind on your money
2002-11-26 Omni "Minx" [Funkdafied Freddy]
Listen, turn it up a digit, it's the shiznit
2008-03-11 Omni "In The City" [Ninja Art]
I got a 4 finger ring and a big gold chain
2002-11-26 Omni "Call My Buddy Up" [Funkdafied Freddy]
I deal with dime sacks, doolies, quads, and ozones
2000-01-01 Omni "Equalize" [Burgundy Brown]
Contrast, weak threads don't last