Ol' Dirty Bastard
Ol' Dirty Bastard

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1999-09-14 Ol' Dirty Bastard "I Want Pussy" [Nigga Please]
Screwface ya bitches, put food on y'all
2005-06-21 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Don't Hurt Me" feat. Rhymefest [A Son Unique]
Indonesia in the Dutch, already rolled
2005-01-04 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Don't Stop Ma (Out of Control)" [Osirus]
White horse in the house, roll it out
2002-03-19 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Caught Up" feat. Mack 10, Royal Flush [Trials & Tribulations of Russell Jones]
Methamphetamine, sherm sticks, and speed
2005-01-04 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Pop Shots" [Osirus]
My name's spelled right on my four finger ring
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1998-07-21 Sunz of Man "Shining Star" feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard [The Last Shall Be First]
This is what you call making history right here, the fifth element
1995-11-07 GZA "Duel of The Iron Mic" feat. Inspectah Deck, Master Killer, Ol' Dirty Bastard [Liquid Swords]
Fuck the screwfaced photo sessions facial expression
1998-09-20 Deadly Venoms "Drug Free" feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard, Shorty Shitstain [Antidote]
I smoke woolers too, I majored the dust
2003-10-07 RZA "We Pop" feat. Division, Ol' Dirty Bastard [Birth of A Prince]
Thoughts are rollin on e, must be on those pills
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1991-02-19 GZA "Pass The Bone" feat. Prince Rakeem [Words From The Genius]
Ason, with two bags of skunk
1999-09-14 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Dirt Dog" [Nigga Please]
This a Ol' Dirty Bastard production, let off shots!
2002-03-19 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Anybody" feat. C-Murder, E-40 [Trials & Tribulations of Russell Jones]
The CP3, the ODB from NYC, the ghetto, B
2005-01-04 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Fuck Y'all" [Osirus]
Strap in the back of the Ac', Dirty rose like that
2005-01-04 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Fuck Y'all" [Osirus]
That's a Crooklyn fact, find Dirty, and you find where the cash is at
2005-01-04 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Go Go Go" feat. Blah Bloomberg [Osirus]
Brooklyn in this motherfucker, Dirt Dog in this motherfucker, it's on point
2005-06-21 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Skrilla" feat. RZA [A Son Unique]
Ol' Dirty 7:30, got the 30-30

origin: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA