OG Maco
OG Maco

cited at 21 senses as a primary artist, including:

2014-11-28 OG Maco "Been Thuggin" [OG Maco]
Do you underdig me? Do you understand?
2014-12-17 OG Maco "Do Better" [Breathe]
I underdigged, don't get me wrong
2015-05-08 OG Maco "Gang" [Live Life]
Any nigga say they made me, 'cept them cray
2015-02-15 OG Maco "Homies" feat. Johnny Cinco [15]
I'm making multiple withdrawals with some extra commas
2015-02-15 OG Maco "Legends" feat. Offset [15]
I'm unconcerned unless them commas marchin'
2016-01-01 OG Maco "Talk to Em" feat. Losa [The Lord of Rage]
Want some commas, come and look at somethin'
2015-02-15 OG Maco "Homies" feat. Johnny Cinco [15]
Life's a piece, and I'm a master, smoking O.G. backwoods
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origin: College Park, Georgia, USA