1998-06-02 Master P "Welcome To My City" feat. Mac, O'Dell [MP Da Last Don]
Welcome to the 504, nigga, the dirty south
1999-07-06 Fiend "Trip To London" feat. Kage, Mo B. Dick, O'Dell [Street Life]
Smoking that gray pine, they save mine
1998-10-27 Mia X "Ghetto Livin'" feat. Ghetto Commission, O'Dell [Mama Drama]
I'm talkin about the hustlers, the ballers, the killers and the rhyme sayers
1998-07-07 Kane & Abel "Gangstafied Forever" feat. Mr. Serv-On, O'Dell, Silkk the Shocker [Am I My Brothers Keeper]
Slangers and head-busters ride Burbans and Lacs
1998-05-05 Fiend "All In A Week" feat. O'Dell [There's One In Every Family]
Trouble seems to find me in the Navi or the Rover
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