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2012-06-25 Oddisee "That Real" [People Hear What They See]
Where I ended was deaded, like no exit 'cept the entrance
2013-10-01 Oddisee "Yeezus Was a Mortal Man" [The Beauty In All]
Then I'm gone, you know the steez
2012-06-25 Oddisee "Think of Things" [People Hear What They See]
Peace out to PG county
2012-06-25 Oddisee "Anothers Grind" feat. Tranqill [People Hear What They See]
Ghetto black youth vocalize for that cheddar
2012-06-25 Oddisee "Do It All" feat. Diamond District [People Hear What They See]
I'm tryna make the world know me, stack G's, yet be low-key
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2005-09-20 Kev Brown "Beats N' Rhymes" feat. Oddisee, Phonte [I Do What I Do]
24-7, 365, I bring it to you live

origin: Washington, D.C., USA