Obie Trice
Obie Trice

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2006-08-15 Obie Trice "Out of State" [Second Round's On Me]
Get back to the Mo' like pronto with guacamole, niggaz
2002-10-29 Obie Trice "Adrenaline Rush" [8 Mile Soundtrack]
Keep gats vocal when cats act loco
2003 Obie Trice "One By One (1X1)" feat. J-Hill, Proof [One By One]
Outta life, yo, the trife wanna clear you
2009-12-15 Obie Trice "On & On" [Special Reserve]
Pull out the toolie on a nigga with a irregular size dookie
2003-09-23 Obie Trice "Average Man" [Cheers]
I ghost ya, I bring ya much closer to Jehovah
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2006-12-04 Eminem "Shake That (Remix)" feat. Bobby Creekwater, Nate Dogg, Obie Trice [Eminem Presents: The Re-Up]
Sippin everything from white cran to deuce-deuce
2006-12-04 Eminem "We're Back" feat. Bobby Creekwater, Ca$his, Obie Trice, Stat Quo [Eminem Presents The Re-Up]
Niggas got me bent like Cranberry and Belvee
2002-10-29 Eminem "Love Me" feat. 50 Cent, Obie Trice [8 Mile Soundtrack]
If I was you, I'd love me too, I roll like a boss
2005-12-20 The Notorious B.I.G. "It Has Been Said" feat. Diddy, Eminem, Obie Trice [Duets: The Final Chapter]
That's the inspiration I got from my nigga B.I.
2005 Eminem "Doe Rae Me" feat. D12, Obie Trice [Hail Mary/Bump Heads/The Realest Label/Doe Rae Me (White Label)]
Now we can skip past the mean mugs, get to the slugs
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2003-09-23 Obie Trice "Oh!" feat. Busta Rhymes [Cheers]
O. Trice from a trife environment
2009-12-15 Obie Trice "What You Want" [Special Reserve]
You just a shiesty-ass nigga, O!

origin: Detroit, Michigan, USA