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2000-09-19 Nature "The Ultimate High" feat. Nas [For All Seasons]
Mash fools out like they fast food
2000-11-21 Nature "Fire" [QB's Finest]
Keep a roscoe, peep me on the Chris Rock show
2000-09-19 Nature "Nature's Shine" [For All Seasons]
Don't go to Queensbridge, nigga
2002-05-28 Nature "What You Know" [Wild Gremlinz]
What's the dealy with the ladies that be doin' it right
2000-09-19 Nature "The Ultimate High" feat. Nas [For All Seasons]
From the cold streets of QB, old beef to new beef
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1998-11-03 Bravehearts "I Wanna Live" feat. Nature [Belly Soundtrack]
Three-pound-sevens'll hit ya, focus on the picture
2000-11-21 Capone "Da Bridge 2001" feat. Cormega, Marley Marl, MC Shan, Millennium Thug, Mobb Deep, Nas, Nature, Tragedy Khadafi [QB's Finest]
The 40th side of life, dunn, we keepin it tight
2009-10-20 William Cooper "Bring It Back" feat. 9th Prince, Nature [Beware of The Pale Horse]
Rubberband banks keep police on a payroll
1998-04-07 AZ "It's A Boy Thing" feat. Nature [Pieces of A Man]
Nickel nines, my prime young duns'll stick you blind
1999-08-24 Nas "In Too Deep" feat. Nature [In Too Deep Soundtrack]
Put your fucking Phillies in the air, your Backwoods, your White Owl
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