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1995 Natas "We Almost Lost Detroit" [Doubelievengod]
100 pennies in your pocket, 40 dog in yo hand
1994-01-08 Natas "Boo Ya" [Blaz4Me]
I'm a gat 'cha and just ratta-tat-tat cha
1999-10-26 Natas "Football" [WicketWorldWide.COM]
I throw spirals and bolos at those hoes who oppose
1997-10 Natas "Oh My God?" [Multikillionaire: The Devil's Contract]
Still got the connects for the guns and crack rocks
2002-05-21 Natas "Godlike" [Godlike]
With the street sweeper I be my brother's keeper
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origin: Detroit, Michigan, USA