Mobb Deep
Mobb Deep

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1999-04-27 Mobb Deep "Quiet Storm" [Murda Muzik]
You's a dick blower, tryin to speak the Dunn Language
2001-12-11 Mobb Deep "Live Foul" [Infamy]
Now this dunn language is the motivation of their talking
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "The Start of Your Ending (41st Side)" [The Infamous]
Prodigy and the H.A.V.O.C. from the Q.B.C.
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Can't Get Enough of It" feat. General G [Hell On Earth]
You hear no laughter, QBC, the thug factor
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Man Down" feat. Big Noyd [Hell On Earth]
He's the foulest, QBC gat bust the loudest
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Give It Up Fast" feat. Big Noyd, Nas [Hell On Earth]
QBC, nigga, grab your clique
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Animal Instinct" feat. Gambino, Ty Knitty [Hell On Earth]
Q.B.C. on the L.I.E. an sippin Hennessy
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Nighttime Vultures" feat. Raekwon [Hell On Earth]
Push the shit back, QBC gat, plottin to move back
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "G.O.D. Pt. III" [Hell On Earth]
QBC, sip lime Bacardi
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Hell On Earth (Front Lines)" [Hell On Earth]
She rep the QBC faithfully, playa hatin me
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Extortion" feat. Method Man [Hell On Earth]
Yeah, you know the QBC, here to drop a G
1997-07-29 Mobb Deep "Rare Species (Modus Operandi)" [Soul In The Hole Soundtrack]
Yo, for my QBC duns, it's all real, hold it down
1999-04-27 Mobb Deep "Thrill Me" feat. Big Noyd [Murda Muzik]
QBC, 41st side with some hot hot
2007-03-13 Mobb Deep "Perfect Plot" feat. Big Noyd [The Infamous Archives]
Check the QBC just to cop from us
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "Cradle To The Grave" [The Infamous]
On the scene from the 41st side of Queens
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "The Start of Your Ending (41st Side)" [The Infamous]
The 41st side get bent, run wild
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "Give Up The Goods (Just Step)" feat. Big Noyd [The Infamous]
Back on the 41st side we do a ride
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "Shook Ones Pt II" [The Infamous]
The whole bridge, Queens get the money, 41st side
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "Drink Away The Pain (Situations)" feat. Q-Tip [The Infamous]
Word up, the 41st side of Queens
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Apostle's Warning" [Hell On Earth]
41st side convention, Queens connection
1999-04-27 Mobb Deep "Allustrious" [Murda Muzik]
Knowhati'msayin? 41st side, niggaz know how we do, right, right
2001-12-11 Mobb Deep "My Gats Spitting" [Infamy]
We stick together, fuck what you heard in the song, the 41st side
2007-03-13 Mobb Deep "Perfect Plot" feat. Big Noyd [The Infamous Archives]
Rep the 41st side and hold the title with pride
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Drop A Gem On Em" [Hell On Earth]
The snitch-snatcher, shooken with asthma, you Casper
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "Trife Life" [The Infamous]
Fuck that, we're juxin, if you got what we like, you gets tooken
2003-02-25 Mobb Deep "What Can I Do?" [Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape]
Now, I try to keep a positive look, my motto to jux
2004-08-10 Mobb Deep "When U Hear The" [Amerikaz Nightmare]
Yo, I'ma glow like a dirty bomb, jux with the certy arm
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2004-09-14 Nelly "Playa" feat. Missy Elliott, Mobb Deep [Sweat]
So I kick the Dunn Language, the response was better
1999-11-23 Nas "Family" feat. Mobb Deep [Nastradamus]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, 40th side, 41st side, ride
2000-11-21 Capone "Da Bridge 2001" feat. Cormega, Marley Marl, MC Shan, Millennium Thug, Mobb Deep, Nas, Nature, Tragedy Khadafi [QB's Finest]
The 40th side of life, dunn, we keepin it tight
1997-03-04 DJ Muggs "It Could Happen To You" feat. Mobb Deep [The Soul Assassins]
Trife life got my mind keyed up
2003-01-28 Lil' Kim "The Jump Off (Remix)" feat. Mobb Deep, Mr. Cheeks [The Jump Off]
Murk out in somebody's sedan
1998-08-11 Funkmaster Flex "Mobb Deep Freestyle" feat. Mobb Deep [The Mix Tape, Vol. III]
Mic check, nigga, drop it like it's hot and bleed
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1996-07-30 A Tribe Called Quest "Mind Power" feat. Consequence [Beats, Rhymes & Life]
Ayo, shout out to Mobb Deep
1996-10-29 Black Moon "Buckshot's Freestyle Joint" [Diggin' In Dah Vaults]
Like my niggaz Mobb Deep, creep on the under
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Animal Instinct" feat. Gambino, Ty Knitty [Hell On Earth]
Mobb sheisty, god follow three and Gotti
1996 Das EFX "Microphone Master (41st Side Remix)" feat. Mobb Deep [Microphone Master]
It's the Infamous and Das EFX here to turn it out
2001-09-11 Lake "41st Side" feat. Bigga Du, Don Alon, Fly Tye, Hooks [Lake Entertainment Presents: The 41st Side]
2002-11-26 2Pac "When We Ride On Our Enemies" [Better Dayz]
I murder you, then I run a train on Mobb Deep, don't fuck with me
2003-09-23 Big Noyd "Shoot Em Up (Bang Bang) Pt. 2" feat. Mobb Deep [Only The Strong]
Rap-singin Mobb gangsta, everybody else wanksta
2006-03-21 Apathy "Me & My Friends" feat. Celph Titled, One Two [Eastern Philosophy]
When Mobb Deep and Jay still lived in the projects