Mia X
Mia X

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1997-06-24 Mia X "Hoodlum Poetry" [Unlady Like]
Some call it A1 soda, others v-12
1997-06-24 Mia X "I Don't Know Why" feat. Mo B. Dick [Unlady Like]
Everybody's running game on mama's little girl
1998-10-27 Mia X "Daddy" [Mama Drama]
Taught me how to throw my set up
1998-10-27 Mia X "Mama Drama" feat. Fiend [Mama Drama]
Nothin's fatter than rappers' faces after I verbally gat ya
1997-06-24 Mia X "I'll Take Ya Man '97" [Unlady Like]
I'm all about chin checks
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1998-02-17 Silkk The Shocker "You Ain't Gotta Lie To Kick It" feat. Big Ed, Mia X [Charge It 2 Da Game]
Got a Lexus key chain, on her Cavalier car key, talkin bout she had a 420
1997-08-05 Mr. Serv-On "You Know I Would" feat. Master P, Mia X [Life Insurance]
Cha-ching, nigga, check my wrists, fingers, neck, & ears, they get frost-bit
1999-04-27 Mo B. Dick "Part 3" feat. C-Murder, Magic, Mia X [Gangsta Harmony]
Now get pumped and get crunked, while we get ya drunk
1996-10-08 Kane & Abel "Jealous Again" feat. Master P, Mia X [The 7 Sins]
The mothafucking ice cream man in this bitch
1998-08-04 Snoop Dogg "Slow Down" feat. Mia X [Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told]
Slow your roll, tuck your heat, and watch the haters
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1996-04-16 Master P "Bout It, Bout It 2" feat. Mia X [Ice Cream Man]
Mia X is 'bout to kick some flava
1997-06-24 Mia X "Bring Da Drama" feat. Big Ed, Fiend, Mr. Serv-On [Unlady Like]
Me and my sister Mia X, we just counting cheddar
1997-06-24 Mia X "4Ever Tru" feat. TRU [Unlady Like]