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1998 McGruff "Gruff Express" [Destined To Be]
Six pusher, mackin' all these hookers who took us
1998 McGruff "What Part of The Game" feat. Cam'Ron, I-Born, Panama P.I. [Destined To Be]
In case ya try to play Zeus, got the tray deuce
1998 McGruff "Destined To Be" [Destined To Be]
Don't act retarded, I'm guarded by 9 millis
1998 McGruff "Exquisite" feat. Shugar Diamonds [Destined To Be]
I drop hot rhymes, take ya Hot 97 slot time
1998 McGruff "Destined To Be" [Destined To Be]
I'm well-known, rockin' icy jewel stones
1998 McGruff "Stop It" [Destined To Be]
Tote TECs, sport a icy Rolex
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1997-04-22 Heavy D "Can You Handle It" feat. McGruff, Tha Dogg Pound [Waterbed Hev]
Just cause you caught the vapes and tryin to hang like drapes
1997-04-22 Heavy D "Big Daddy (Remix)" feat. McGruff [Waterbed Hev]
I'm a legend, reppin on your Hot 9-7
1997-04-22 Heavy D "Wanna Be A Player" feat. McGruff [Waterbed Hev]
Me and all my mens smoke boom a lot
2002-05-14 Cam'Ron "Stop Calling" feat. Freekey Zekey, McGruff [Come Home With Me]
Ya chest achin', cause I'm very blunt, ya stunt, wanna cherry pump
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