MC Lars & YTCracker
MC Lars & YTCracker

cited at 6 senses as a primary artist, including:

2008-11-04 MC Lars & YTCracker "Other People's Property" feat. Beefy, K.Flay, MC Router [The Digital Gangster LP]
You down with opp? Yeah, you know me
2008-11-04 MC Lars & YTCracker "Nerdcore Players" [The Digital Gangster LP]
Want to go hyphy, want to go dumb?
2008-11-04 MC Lars & Ytcracker "Nerdcore Players" [The Digital Gangster LP]
Laptop baller, game shot caller
2008-11-04 MC Lars & Ytcracker "Guinevere" feat. K.Flay [The Digital Gangster LP]
Rolled up in my Caddy to Camelot
2008-11-04 MC Lars & Ytcracker "Birth of A Phish" [The Digital Gangster LP]
Make it rain all the time, I ain't a miser
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origin: Berkeley, California, USA