Mannie Fresh
Mannie Fresh
member of: Big Tymers

cited at 11 senses as a primary artist, including:

2004-12-21 Mannie Fresh "Real Big" [The Mind of Mannie Fresh]
Budonkadonk all out of her pants
2004-12-21 Mannie Fresh "Go With Me" feat. Baby [The Mind of Mannie Fresh]
I still ride them Trues
2004-12-21 Mannie Fresh "Conversations" feat. Tateeze [The Mind of Mannie Fresh]
Shorty, drop it like it's hot, pick it up, and make it pop
2004-12-21 Mannie Fresh "Chubby Boy" [The Mind of Mannie Fresh]
Downtown, mean-mug nigga, hard ta kill
2004-12-21 Mannie Fresh "Go With Me" feat. Baby [The Mind of Mannie Fresh]
Well, I'm a hood rich, real nigga
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2008-03-11 Rick Ross "All I Have In This World" feat. Mannie Fresh [Trilla]
Alphabet boys get them charges to stick now
2002-11-26 Baby "Keeps Spinnin'" feat. Bizzy, Mannie Fresh, Mikkey, Petey Pablo, T.I. [Birdman]
On my lap that Desert weighing 'bout five pounds
1995 Tec-9 "Local 580 Burn 'Em Like A Bitch" feat. Baby, B.G., Kilo-G, Lil Ya, Mannie Fresh [Straight From Tha Ramp!!]
That VL street, that whole lil' posse, that Mac, Melph, Calio
2005-07-26 Young Jeezy "And Then What" feat. Mannie Fresh [Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101]
Close shop, then I do my count, hide the rest of the yams at my auntie house
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4 shout-outs in these lyrics

2000-05-16 Big Tymers "Nigga Couldn't Know" feat. Lil Wayne [I Got That Work]
I got the quarter ki's, and Fresh got the slabs
2002-04-30 Big Tymers "Lil Mamma" feat. Lac [Hood Rich]
Me and Fresh at the light in S500 on dub deuces
2005 Lil' Flip "What It Do" feat. Mannie Fresh [What It Do]
It's ya boy, Freshly Snipes, ya heard
2010-12-07 Redman "That's Where I B" feat. DJ Kool [Reggie]
A little bling bling got me fresh like Mannie

origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA